Puede que esto no le guste a nadie…

“I started by saying that we would go down in history by our actions. History will take revenge and the consequences will soon reach us. From time to time it is convenient to exalt the importance of ideas and information. Imagine for a moment that on a Sunday night a space normally occupied by Ed Sullivan be given to a space dedicated to the situation of public education and, a week later, a space used by Steve Allen be devoted to American politics in Middle East. Would our corporate image hurt? Would the shareholders mount in anger and protest? What else would happen if millions of people received information about things that can determine the future of this country and therefore of its companies? Good night and good luck.”

Edward R. Murrow. United States, 1958.
Collection of the award of the Association of Directors of News for Radio and Television.

Alejandro Ginés uses this discourse very clearly as a common thread between the concept and the elements of his current exposure, even using one of his phrases to title. This show, the first individual of the artist in the city of Seville. As in Alejandro’s previous projects, the central theme of his research is “the human being and his customs”: the habits that define us and that build a “liveable” society. According to the decisions we make, we will know one result or another.

This incognita and others are what Ginés presents us in this exhibition where information and communication is the central issue: the input and output of information, the sender, the receiver and as an essential element, the communication channel, in this way analyze the result of the dissemination action itself. The elements that lead to deception, chance, free thought, an aesthetic or specific time and place are details when disseminating information that will make it have an impact or another although the information itself is the same.

Text: Juan Cruz y David Gallego

Crítica P.A.C.

Crítica El Respirador


Children BBC, 2017-2018. Vídeo Youtube 1h. 54min. 37s. Digital printing: 240 x 87 cm.

cassete block

Cassette Block, 2018. Sculpture: Bronzce and resproductor. 8 x 14 x 4 cm.



Bag Block, Vinyl on paper bag.



Detail. Cassette A, 2018. Digital printing on Canson paper 240 x 87 cm.



Cassette A, 2018. Digital printing on Canson paper 240 x 87 cm.



Cassette B, 2018. Digital printing on Canson paper 240 x 87 cm.



Cassette ,2018. Digital printing on Canson paper 240 x 87 cm.



Mouse B, 2018. Digital printing on aluminum 9 x 13 cm.



Mouse A, 2018. Digital printing on aluminum 9 x 13 cm



Detail. 7 – 3 – 11, 2017-2018. 321 Digital impressions on photographic paper Variable dimensions according to assembly.