Near where I live there is a large square where at the time there was a small industrial center. The warehouses were thrown to build homes, but the imminent arrival of the economic crisis has crippled the land along the years. In the spring, the ground is covered with wild plants, each passing year the plants are reaching more height. In this period, a family in a situation of social exclusion, decides to settle in this esplanade, choose an empty space between plants and there are installed. They didn ́t have a shanty, just a simple hut with four sticks and cloth is all that used to shelter from the rain. The plants are so high that no passenger could suspect they are living there, only from the height of the buildings you can invade their privacy. It runs spring and late summer the company that owns the land decides to clean all vegetation.

The day fixed for clearing vegetation, the family collect their fewpossessions without a word and leave his makeshift home.

That family created a small family home among some walls of plantsthat gave them an apparent security and calm as defined above. And Iwonder: What factors are necessary to create a sense of security and calm? What factors are necessary to create a home? Do these factors vary depending on the person who lives in that home? Are there essential factors to create a home?, Do the factors change in the socio-cultural moment we live?, Do they vary according to our wealth? There is only a home?





Paisajes, 2013. Digital print on Canson paper, 70 x 50 cm.