Espacios no domésticos

When a house does not present any factor linked to the essence of home, these have been clearly absent. With no domestic spaces are to be achieved by suppressing the identity of their identity home qualities. The project has an end domestic annulment raised a priori spaces are emerging for home resemblance, but that are in direct conflict with the formal characteristics imposed.

Speaking of living are not talking only of occupying space is rather exist in the world. Fruit of modernity and continuous flows of globalized society has generated a questioning and revising the space home, we travel through the absence, loss of accommodation and guidance. The house we are revealed as the “condition” of the human condition pun intended and the most privileged to understand ourselves hermeneutical place.

Une maison au dressée caur
Ma Cathedrale de silence
Chaque matin reprise in r’eve
Abandonnée et chaque soir.
Une maison d’aube couverte
Ouverte au vent de ma jeunesse

Jean Laroche, Mémoire d’été, ed. Cahiers de Rochefort, p. 9.

The German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk in his book entitled: Spheres I performed a study of intimacy through the ideas of the spheres and bubbles. Some ideas in the fragile and insubstantial. For Sloterdijk the idea of ​​seeking the power that is necessary in the world and what can be objectively meet without the presence of tangential elements substance. Therefore it is considered that the solid and fundamental is the base containing reality. Against this Sloterdijk placed in the center of his reflections bubble image is an image of how fragile. From this idea the project non-domestic spaces is constructed, pursuing that image of fragility or impossible features shaping home.









Espacios no domésticos, 2014-2016. Plaster, resin, aluminum and bronce sculpture. Scale 1:72.