Islas “Plan de fuga”

The project will consist of taking screenshots through the Google Earth program of all the “marinas”, the commercial ports with “Containers” and “Airport Runways” of Europe. In the case of containers and marinas,  following the linear order of coast of the seaport and for the airports, following the order of South to North and West to East respectively. 

Images captured from the Internet, in top view and subsequently reorganized in the form of a massive collage in large format square images, following the same capture order. The screenshots of the marinas will and the containers be taken at a height of four hundred meters, while the airport runways at a thousand meters in height, will be recognizable and have the same scale as the main elements that make them up: boats, containers and airplanes. 

Each resulting work will be titled as a file by the names of all the cities and countries to which it belongs, with the date and time of the image capture in the same compositional order.

The number of final works will vary depending on the number of airports or ports found on the Internet.

Once the works are finished, the last resulting pieces of each series will keep the same format as the previous ones. The part of the composition that remains unfinished will remain blank to add in the future the new airports, marinas and commercial ports that are built. It is conceived as a work in continuous growth.

Work in progress…

Repost La Térmica

Repost Malagahoy

Repost Mecenas 2.0

Catálogo Creadores 2018


Printing on luster paper on dibond with aluminum perimeter frame. Measures: 150 x 150 cm


Expanded detail of the work: Island “Marinas Port”, 2018.






Expanded detail of the work: Island “Containers”, 2017.

Captura de pantalla 2018-09-13 a las 18.35.26

Captura de pantalla 2018-09-13 a las 18.37.13



Expanded detail of the work: Island “Airports”, 2017.

Captura de pantalla 2018-09-13 a las 18.37.50