about me


Taking as a basis a multifaceted creative conception and relying on curiosity and research in anthropology, I have developed throughout my first years of artistic creation a work focused on the limits described by social behavior and the consequent gaps in its transformation.

Within the creative scenario, the aim that I pursue through the act of representing is to construct elements and images whose parts are not associated in a real context, but based on rules and paradigms that dictate our norm.

Without discriminating simple issues, each proposal has been the direct or indirect result of curiosity and the need to understand. I face the production compensating in each project the ideal way to represent the meeting of the idea and the technique. Include new tools that I find in everyday life, duplicate fragments and extract components with the intention of making them work to create a discourse through its mechanism. Compose a simulation, build prototypes and perform an extrapolation exercise that will discover new ways of interpretation far from what has already been agreed.

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