HomelessThe above proposal aims to enhance the individual’s search for the values of privacy and security that develop throughout our lives at home. The house is clearly a privileged space that unites all these concepts as a fundamental value and reaches the sense of home. If we dissect any privacy or security value inside a house, this gap is automatically regenerated from the memories of our mind.

Une maison dressée au coeur
Ma cathédrale de silence
Chaque matin reprise en rêve
Et chaque soir abandonné.
Une maison couverte d’aube
Ouverte au vent de ma jeunesse}

A house built in the heart / My Cathedral of silence / Resumed every morning in dreams / And every night abandoned / A house covered with dawn/ Open to the wind of my youth

Jean Laroche, Mémoire d’été, ed. Cahiers de Rochefort, p. 9.